Hey there athletes! This is Lou, a runner who lives in California, USA. Just like many of others, I never liked and wanted to run. It was December of 2016 when I discovered I can run and the sport is in fact addictive! I never stopped racing since then. 

It has always been my passion to write and make short films as a kid. When I started running, my camera never leaves my side. During races, my phone is always on "blog-ready" (camera always turned on) I love to capture special moments during the race. Mostly I can make better documentary during race expo and pre/post race because I use better camera. I mostly do video blog rather than written. Video blogs are easy to understand, I know most of us (including me is lazy to read). You can watch my documentaries here.

My store is basically seasonal. Whatever is "in-season" you will see it in my store. Mostly are hard to find and custom made like the medal hangers, statement shirts and drink ware. 

In case you have a good idea or product suggestion to see in my store, please let me know and send me a message at support@therunnersnook.com